Starlight Ultrasonic Diffuser

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Experience the effect diffusing essential oils will have in your home, and learn how to create the perfect ambiance for every occasion! 

The Starlight has a generous 300 ml water reservoir and a medium to large room coverage of up to 30 m2. Children will love the unique soft color changing LED lights! It's perfect as a gentle night light, humidifier and diffuser to help little ones off to sleep.

Featuring built in auto shut-off and timing controls, The Starlight gives you complete safety and control. 

300ml can work for 10-16 hours

The mist of water molecules quickly diffused through the space

The soft light of the night lamp accompanies you through the long night

The plastic parts of 3mm thickness are guaranteed by the 1.5mm plastic parts

The 12V external transformer has a similar amount of fog to the same kind of 24V products and 12V mist is easy to absorb

The wood-grain perfume machine humidifier gives the aromatherapy machine natural

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