Pizza Stone for both Ovens & BBQ-grills, 33 cm ⌀, Extra Thick (1cm)

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Pizza Stone for both Ovens & BBQ-grills, 33 cm ⌀, Extra Thick (1cm)


Pizza stone for both baking and grilling.

The Perfect Baking Tool for Pizza. Bake your favorite pizza in the oven or on the grill with the baking tray.

The pizza board is extra tick (about 1 cm) and is made of high-quality stone with high temperature

resistance, and then fired at a high temperature of 1400 degrees Celsius.

Good thermal shock resistance, uniform heating and no burst at high temperature. Compared with low-temperature ceramic plates, the pizza stone is more resistant to high temperature up to 800 ℃.

The pizza baked on the pizza stone is crispy, delicious, safe and healthy.

The pizza stone is about 33cm in diameter and 1cm in thickness.

The pizza stone is suitable for barbecue stove, electric oven, and microwave oven.


It is not only a pizza stone, but also a powerful baking assistant in daily life and is perfect not only for baking & grilling a pizza but also for grilling chicken, kebab, steak, bread, making cookies, bread, biscuits, etc. baked goods in your own kitchen.

The baking stone helps to eliminate hot spots during cooking and produces a

 uniform tan crust. It is also ideal for heating or reheating ready-made or frozen food.

The natural characteristics of the stone will cause it to darken

 and appear spots with age. Don't try to eliminate this discoloration.


Put the food to be baked on the stone, and then return to the

 oven or grill. The stones will get hot! When handling, use oven gloves or gloves.

Name: Pizza Stone
Material: Cordierite
Fire resistance temperature: 800℃
Size: about 33cm/12.99in in diameter
Weight: about 1500g
Packing: Carton

Packing List:

1 pcs Pizza Baking Tray with instructions

Pizza Stone For Both Oven & Grill 33cm ⌀, Extra Tick (1cm)