Either you wish to open your first pizzeria, to overcome current troubles in your pizza-business or to grow at scale, we are at your services. We may help with creative ideas, business design, marketing strategy, and proven tools to increase your sales. Send to us your simple idea or issue and we return to you with real executable opportunities.


Company building

We are even able to build your business in your behalf and for you (anywhere in the German speaking and CE Europe) when you aren't able - for some reason and for certain time, to be presented there. 



Web and app design, corporate and brand design, marketing and sales materials, etc. - all you need for your bold local and/or international presence. 



We connect you with funding  sources to start, repair or grow your pizza-business.

We love to work with all-about-pizza entrepreneurs with innovative and unusual ideas. Let us help you to start, resolve your pains, and to grow your brand.



We support you with outsourcing of products, legal and business issues services, temporary CEO and staff, educational, and partnership opportunities.


Market Research and Insights

We are experienced in research of the market Status Quo, Trends, and Niche opportunities. In addition to our own research staff, we are working with some of the most innovative market research agencies, and are able to support you with rich data, and analyses at speed.



We offer a carefully curated list of opportunities to invest in some of the most promised and creative startups in the area of the pizza and delivery businesses. Talk to us if you need x time multiplying of your investments in visible terms.


Special Needs

Is there any special need you wish to be covered? Let us know your pain and we will find the most workable solution for you.