P Innovations

Have you ever worked in a pizza- restaurant or you are an owner of such one? Then you know what I am talking about. The pizza-business could be high rewarding, if you are able to cut the costs of running, without to compromise the quality of your products and service, and without crushing a low-paid staff working a stressful work for unregulated long hours. Easy to say as to implement.

My personal experience lead me to questioning the core of the pizza-business processes, the art of the makes of the all supporting products we use to serve the pizza fans, the possible ways to improve them and to give more joy and better experience to the pizza lovers. This is the way I started to disover the all related to the pizza business innovations, to create my owns, and to look for like minded p.Creators to work together with.

Find the most innovative - even crasy, but with the same purpose to create better experience for the pizzers community products innovations, design contests, and real business opportunities comming together with.

Sustainable   Made Worldwide   Uniques   Made for Lifetime   Tech&Inno

I am writing for products which make the work in any pizzeria more easy, fun, and at speed but also are more environmental friendly and create real job and revenue opportunities. And I do my best to make those products accessable for purchase on Pizzers Marektplace.

Your purchase has a great impact. You don´t just pay for a product, but support the production of those innovations and/or the development of the first, demo products by new p.Creators.

You even could became a proudly co-owner of some of the p.Creators´ businesses and/or some of the products made with your support. Wish to know more about? Just drop an email to us. 

Are you from the same blood group of the p.Creators and looking for opportunity to create your own product? Do you have the same Pizza-passion? Or you have a life experience that inspired you to look for better alternatives and better pizza-business opportunities? Great! I am inviting you to become a member of the continuously growing community of the p.Creators. We are real people with interesting stories and experience from different areas and countries, and with one passion - purposeful creations with impact for the pizza lovers and professionals, and for the environment.