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is the Marketplace for Shopping All-About-Pizza and Pizza-Lifestyle Experience. It is designed by and for pizza lovers and entrepreneurs as a natural part of an open business project - the PizzaReality Project. Means, both the Marketplace platform and the PizzaReality Project are open to participation for Pizza lovers and professionals who share our vision and wish to be a part of the success of the Pizzers story.


PizzaReality is the first live developed community driven project about a game changing smart and interactive pizza businesses. Both the Pizzers Marketplace and the PizzaReality project are designed, developed and started in-house by the founder of the Geiss1 Ltd. company.

 Geiss1 Ltd. is an independent management consulting and business (co-)building company, founded by Mag. Svetlana Parleva - a marketing and business consultant, and seasoned entrepreneur with multicultural and multi-industries professional experience, gained in the parallel worlds of the East and West Europe.