Our Story

We are pizza lovers and makers. We believe that there is a special kind of Pizza-Lifestyle and it is our lifestyle. We believe that the pizza communities deserve a better service and products. We know that there are better chances for the pizza makers to improve their income and with Pizzers we offer some of the possible ways for that.

Before to start Pizzers, we used to search for specialized tools, equipment, design things and anything we needed to buy for making better pizza through scrolling so many general marketplaces and online shops just to find what we looked for. Than we used to do our own research to compare prices and qualities, and to find a trustworthy suppliers. That was so much time consuming and made us angry any time we looked for even a single tool.

We also didn't like the way we was treated at all those shops - just like the next of kind client to bring his money to their account. No body cared about our special needs and to supply with personalized products or services. There wasn't a single place we could meet with other like us to exchange experience and ideas, to find advise and partners, and to be in known with the trends, and innovations in the pizza market. 

Starting the Pizzers, we find there are so many incredible creative small producers of unique tools, in- and outdoor designs, fashion and accessories in pizza style who are invisible for their potential clients or even are not able to sell on the general marketplaces, because of the conditions of those platforms or of missing resources to be advertised to more brighter auditoriums .

Pizzers is not just another online shop. We set it as an open business project where any member of the pizza lovers community - perhaps the bigger community in the world, has the chance to participate in the project's success. This is the place for any interested in the development of a specialized Marketplace for Pizza fans and professionals, and where anyone could offer his/her products and services.

We believe that Pizzers could be your place for a long time. It's the very special place where - never mind which corner of the world you are coming from, you can develop your own ideas and concepts, find co-makers and new opportunities for additional income where buying and selling all about pizza, met with other like minded, and finding all what you need to enjoy your pizza Lifestyle.